Her techniques

    Georgia O'Keeffe's techniques for painting were contradictory, which is what made them so brilliant. She used an abstract style when she painted still-life.  She wouldn't pay much attention to the details of the object she was painting. She wouldn't outline flowers or paint every rocky detail of the New Mexico landscape. She figured that because people can already see those details just by looking at the object, she felt no need to paint what was already seen. Instead, she used bold colors and painted around white spaces of the canvas to create a cloud or a white flower. In fact, sometimes she even painted her landscapes with unrealistic colors. She did this because she was so determined to show people a different view of the object, and still show how beautiful it was.
    The way she painted often showed people that there is more than one way for something or someone to be beautiful. This could have built confidence in other women; to see something they thought was ugly at first, but it turned out to be beautiful. Women could feel beautiful about themselves, and they could feel inspired to make a difference. To create works of art like Georgia O'Keeffe, to build their own businesses, to do more than just stay at home to cook and clean. Georgia's amazing work made women around America feel that they could accomplish their goals. Not only that, but her work proved that women should be taken seriously. Not only in art, but in businesses as well. Georgia O'Keeffe changed people's views about the objects in her art, and she changed people's views about women in everyday society